What is a Technical Writer?

What is a Technical Writer?

What is a Technical Writer?

So, what does a technical writer do? Basically, I’m able to understand complex information and make it easy for people to understand. As a technical writer, I determine the needs of an end user for a product or service. Then, I study the product and interview designers, developers, engineers, advertising and marketing associates and anyone else who is working on the project. By putting myself in the user’s situation, I’m able to make the product or service easier to use with as few instructions as possible.

A technical writer’s job is to allow others to be relaxed and comfortable. I take a lot of notes and listen attentively. Through discussions with specialists and by conducting research through personal observation, visiting the library, and using the internet, I’m able to effectively apply the information to the product or service.

Even though I’m a technically savvy individual, I’m also very creative. Using technology and various software programs, I’m able to select photographs, blend text, graphics, charts, diagrams, sound and video to increase the user’s understanding.

What kinds of things can I do with graphics and sound? I’m able to crop, adjust and blend text and graphics to create multidimensional images which can then be used in a document or in sound and video presentations. Some of the types of materials produced are: operating instructions, how-to manuals, assembly instructions, product announcements, white pages, magazine articles, video presentations, and ‘frequently asked questions’ (also known as FAQ) pages to help technical staff, consumers and other users.

How is the information communicated? There are many methods used, such as online, in a cloud, via an intranet or company network, in print, multimedia presentations, video or using various media devices. Being familiar with web development technologies and HTML and CSS, I’m able to create and maintain websites for internal and external use.

By being organized, I’m able to maintain the documentation sets, templates and consolidate information as well as manage multiple, competing priorities in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. With over six years of technical writing and over ten years of technical documentation experience, I have a proven track record of researching and writing excellent documentation for developers, engineers, associates and end-users.

A technical writer is the link between the designers, developers, specialists and the end user. It’s my job to make sure that all the necessary information about a product or service is communicated in a clear, concise, accurate way for internal and external audiences.


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  1. You forgot to mention a very important aspect of being in the technical communication field: we’re really cool… I found your post to be a great summary of the job, and as a PhD student, I plan to show this to my peers and students. Thanks for the great post!

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