Savor the Small Stuff

Savor the Small Stuff

Savor the Small Stuff

This Winter has been one of the sunniest I’ve experienced in this part of the Midwest so I decided to take a few moments to enjoy it. As I stood outside this morning before heading to an appointment, I watched the clouds rush off to the east, I closed my eyes and savored the cold, crisp air. After a few moments, I felt the heat from the sun and turned my face up toward the sky. I opened my eyes and beheld a similar sight as the photo. The sun’s rays warmed my face and my attitude and I headed on my errand.

Throughout the morning, I found myself smiling more often and vowed that I would take a moment each day to savor the small stuff around me. Now, I know that the sun is not small, however it’s so often overlooked and taken advantage of in our busy lives that we sometimes never notice it. And, as I said earlier, it doesn’t often appear in the Winter in the Midwest. So, as you step outside, take a moment to view the sun and if there is no sun, look around to see other things you might often overlook. Depending on where you live and what kind of weather you are experiencing, you might see birds flitting from tree to tree, worms making their way across the wet surface after a rain, the breeze playing in the foliage or possibly snowflakes falling from the sky. Whatever you see, savor it and all the other ‘Small Stuff’ that surrounds you.


4 responses to “Savor the Small Stuff

  1. I do that every morning.. I walk out onto my porch and just soak in the beauty around me. I look for new flowers in my garden.. I watch the birds feeding… and it always makes me feel happy 🙂

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