Life is Delicate

This week’s Photo Challenge from Michelle Weber at WordPress is to share a picture that means delicate to me.

I feel that I cannot concentrate as I watch the news today and think about how delicate life is. The tragedy that occurred today in Newtown, Connecticut is causing my heart to ache. I wish that I could hug each and every person in that community and everyone affected. I recall very clearly this period of my life and cannot fathom what it would be like to have to live through something like this. All I can do is encourage everyone to hug your children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents. Talk with your family and friends about this. Tell them that you love them.


©2012 Tracy L. Constantine

I share with you the above image. I recall as I took this picture, the wind blowing gently, causing the delicate fronds to sway in the breeze. Let the breeze of love blow gently on each and every one of you.






2 responses to “Life is Delicate

    • My hope is that every family clutch one another, as each long day progresses. You are right. We need to keep them in our hearts and send our thoughts and prayers as the days ahead are all difficult.

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