The One Gift I’d Give To My Child

The One Gift I’d Give To My Child
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image edited with permission by Tracy L. Constantine

Today’s post is a question. One of my friends from Australia mentioned it and I wanted to see what your thoughts were. If you could give your son or daughter only one gift, what would it be?

I think my gift would be encouragement. defines it as:

1. to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence
2. to stimulate by assistance, approval, etc.
3. to promote, advance, or foster
I’d give my child encouragement to do whatever it is that she wants to do. I would inspire her to be the best she can be. If I don’t have the knowledge or ability to do what she wants, I’d find someone else who can help her and stand by her side as she tries for the umpteenth time to do it. I’d encourage her as she gives it everything she has and would have the courage to not close my eyes as she attempts to do some death-defying feat. I’d be nearby if she needs my hand for assistance and most of all, I’d be there when she turns around to seek my approval.
I’m all about encouragement. So, I encourage you to respond to the question. Please feel free to respond in any fashion. A single word may be sufficient, a few sentences or even a few paragraphs. How you answer is up to you. I’m very interested in hearing what you think. So, if you could give your son or daughter only one gift, what would it be?
Note: For Google+ and Twitter users, I’ve posted this question with the hashtag #onegift.
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You matter to me. Please share your thoughts.

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