These Two Words Can Change Your Life

These Two Words Can Change A Life

A while ago, I saw a TED Talk by Angela Maiers. I came across it again just the other day and have been thinking about what she said. The topic was ‘You Matter’.

These two simple words can change your life. You matter. Two words. One fewer than its intended meaning…I love you. We say these words all the time to our family and friends. We say the words so often that we sometimes do them instinctively. It’s a habit. An extremely wonderful habit that does not need to be broken.

When you tell someone that they matter, you’re saying that they are a human being and they are noticed. They are important. They are necessary. They are significant.

Every person on this planet needs to know that they are cared for. Let’s notice one another. Let’s tell someone that they have been noticed. Then tell someone else. And then someone else. Change your life. Change someone else’s life. Make it a habit. I will start and tell you that…You matter.

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